A Storage Auction Notice announces the sale, procedure, and commencement of a sale by auction of goods in a storage facility at which rental has not been paid for at least 30 days. Utah Code 38-8-3 Enforcement of lien -- Notice requirements -- Sale procedure and effect.
Public Auction
Notice is hereby given of a public auction to be held at

(Storage Facility Name)

(Facility Address, City State and Zip)

(Facility Telephone Number)
            (Week day, Date and Time)
Where by

(Type of sale (Oral Bid, Written Bid, Competitive Bid, Sealed Bid etc)
to settle delinquent accounts in accordance with the Utah Self Storage Facilities Act (Utah Statutes 38-8-3) The goods to be sold are listed under unit, tenants name, last known address and contents. The public is invited to attend. Terms are cash only. Owner reserves the right to bid, refuse bid or cease sale.

(Please list Unit/Tenant Information unit, tenants name, last known address and contents)

(Requested publication date(s) and number of publications requested)

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